Westmont College
955 La Paz Rd
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Upon your arrival at Westmont College (follow signs), proceed to GLC for registration and parking.

Driving from Los Angeles

  • Take the Olive Mill Road exit (Note the Westmont College freeway sign)
  • Turn right onto Olive Mill Road at Coast Village Road intersection (1)
  • Turn left at junction of Hot Springs Road (3) and travel to stop sign at Sycamore Canyon Road (4). Note college directional sign
  • Turn right on Sycamore Canyon Road (Highway 192) and follow to Cold Springs Road (4). Note fire station
  • Make right turn on Cold Springs Road and drive to La Paz Road (6). Turn left at Cold Spring lower entrance for registration

Driving from San Francisco

  • Take the Hot Springs Road exit. Turn left under freeway to Coast Village Road and Hot Springs Road intersection (2)
  • Travel on Hot Springs Road to stop sign at Sycamore Canyon Road (4). Turn left and follow directions (5) and (6) under "Driving from Los Angeles."